1.  Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison (ISCH COST Action IS1207)

The project:

The Action “Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison (‘LocRef’)” has started work on March 28th 2013.  ‘LocRef’ is a  European research network on local public sector reforms with more than 300 senior and early stage researchers in 32 countries. Based on a shared European perspective, it brings together researchers and practitioners of all stages of local public sector reforms in order to jointly assess the hitherto scattered and dispersed information bases on local public sector reforms, to generate new comparative knowledge, and develop policy-relevant frameworks for the design of future modernization processes in Europe.


The LocREf project  is funded  by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) within the EU FP7 framework. COST is a long-term international network for cooperation in science and technology [for more information click here].

RELENGE Participant (s):

Prof. Theodore N. Tsekos is

(1) a member of the project's Management Committee and

(2) a researcher with the Working Group 1  on  External Post-NPM trends studying externalizations of local services .

WGI focuses on the development of the provision of public utilities and social services in (West) European countries, ranging from the dominance of public/municipal sector-based provision  to the advances of private sector-based or non-profit  provision.

Publications from the project

1. Book Chapter

Theodore N. Tsekos, Athanasia Triantafyllopoulou,  (2016), From Municipal Socialism to the Sovereign Debt Crisis: Local Services in Greece 1980–2015in Hellmut Wollmann, Ivan Koprić, Gérard Marcou (Eds), Public and Social Services in Europe. From Public and Municipal to Private Sector Provision. Palgrave

2. Conference paper

Andrea Lippi, Theodore N. Tsekos (2016),  Local Public Services in Times of Austerity in the Mediterranean Countries as a case of ‘Glocalization’, 2016 EGPA Annual Conference, PSG XIII: Public Policies, 22 - 26 August 2016, Utrecht, the Netherlands 


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